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"You’re all a bunch of cowards. Coward losers. You know, this is it. This is the moment of our lives… this is the one we can actually look back and tell our children about. This is our moment to actually win something, and you guys are sitting in the damn stands. I mean, you’re so afraid of being called geeks or losers or gay, that you settle for being nothing."

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Haven Nathan Wuornos Character Tropes


when you got her in the back seat, drivin’ round the back streets, trying to block me out, do you remember my name? - lana del ray, “she’s not me”

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What do you think will happen to us on the lunar eclipse? They last for hours, you know, because it’s just the Earth’s shadow. I wonder what will happen to us, maybe it’ll make us stronger. I hope it’ll make us stronger.
make me choose » anonymous asked: erica reyes or cora hale?
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The only thing that scares me is getting through ‘Who Are You Now?’ It’s the last song and I always think about him when I sing it.


Stydia AU | Role Reversal

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People: Stop laughing, this is a serious match.

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Top 20 Arrow Ships (as voted by my followers)
12. Sara and Sin
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” — “Well, you won’t have to find out.” 

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Dyl: What if I have a weird run? (x)

Fangirl Challenge: [37/40] Romantic Relationships » Drake and Taylor
"I know that it’s not supposed to be easy, but some things are worth fighting for. Aren’t they?”

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make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: matty mckibben or jake rosati

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